Starting A Goal And Sticking To It

By:  August Kelly-Anderson


Starting the New Year off right, is really a game changer. Not everything may be what it seems, but time and patience is a whole lot to do, to keep pushing. Changing your habits takes time. Adapting to a newer lifestyle may be a little difficult. However, seeing the new outcome will be worth the change waiting to happen. You may have a better self-esteem, a better health, and most of all a better lifestyle.

There are a lot of benefits when choosing different items to eat instead of your unhealthy norm.

  • You will begin to enjoy eating healthy
  • You will still be able to enjoy your favorite foods
  • You will notice changes in your priorities
  • You may see an increase in your self-esteem
  • You’ll try foods that you may have never thought you’ll eat.

The most important thing to thing about is the outcome. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain weight, the results ARE coming! I, on a personal and professional level, enjoy coaching those who need that extra help to get to their goals. When you are figuring out those goals, take into account these things:

  • What your ultimate goal is to achieve
  • Your intended budget for purchasing food. There is a myth that eating healthy is expensive. Yes, that may be true if you are not preparing the food yourself. Do not hurt your pockets.
  • Finding time to develop yourself a meal plan, or consult with someone to help you or create one.
  • Continue motivating yourself. It may get tough when doing this, but just think of the outcome, think of yourself completing a goal that you set up for yourself.

Remember, it takes time and motivation. Do not begin to doubt yourself and do not give up.

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