Social Media Footprints

Social Media Footprints

If you want to learn more about our social media channels, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our brand so fast.


We are less than a year old and have 4,134 followers on our page. On a given post we reach 4626 people and engage 1300. It is used for advertisement, promotions, personal interactions and feedback with and from our readers, inspirational quotes, local and national news to include current events. Our readers are dedicated not only to our magazine but our, events, promotions, and our question and answer sessions. We also have giveaways periodical, these are to connect us as well as our advertisers and sponsors for advertisement purposes.


We have 796 followers; our twitter is used to promote advertisers and Rebirth sponsored events. We have a moderate response and interaction from our viewers. We use our account to create relationships for ourselves as well as our sponsors and advertisers


We have 1681 followers and have a moderate response:   @rebirth_magazine 886,     @rb_style_beauty_lounge766, @rb_mag_arts_ent148

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