MYSTQX INTERVIEW: Editors Spotlight

                                Editors Spotlight

                              Featuring MYSTQX

                     Interviewed By Mariah Keyes


Mariah- When did you start writing poetry?


Mystqx- My love for poetry started when I was in second grade. I started writing a few lines that rhyme, and read it aloud to myself. My heart just got so excited and I fell in love with the art of poetry writing. I even remember being so happy – tearing pages of poetry articles from books and making an album out of it.


Mariah- What inspires your writing?


Mystqx- The myriad of emotions from stories I heard from people coming from all walks of life, my memories and dreams – all inspires my writings. I wish to share it to the world – in the hopes that through my writings – my readers could find a companion; a friend of their mind; refuge – if not an escape; maybe enjoy the world more; or find a relief of heart.



Mariah- .Who are your favorite Poets and why?


Mystqx-   My favorites are Oscar Wilde and Anais Nin. Their words are powerful, inviting, sensual, and both are unconventional. I like their spirit and style.


Mariah- What does your Poetry Represents?


Mystqx- My poetry represents the soul. Mysterious and secretive but bearers of the truth. It also cultivates love for existence; encourages one to live passionately and savor the miracles of life.


Mariah- Where are you from?


Mystqx- I am from an Asian descent and lived half of my life enjoying the tropics.  Now I am basking in the four-season climate of Central Europe.


Mariah-   What does your Poetry means to you?


Mystqx- Poetry for me means the love to communicate through painting with words.

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