Flashes of Time




Moments spent, moments treasured, moments wasted.

Explosive moments.

Lost, stolen, swindled and coveted.

The seconds marking them,

Tick Tick

Tick Tick,

Growing rapidly to form new measures for them.

The moments, ever precious, marching on and on

Keeping a relentless pace, a rhythmic cadence…..

They are constant reminders, the invisible ones always taken for granted.

The faithful side kicks that usually save the day but rarely gets the credit.

At some point, all have assumed there were plenty to spare,

And so, wantonly, they lay idle, or worst yet, angry or displaced.

The one and only absolute currency spent recklessly, repeatedly!

And only when it is realized that more are needed

Is there ever any acknowledgment of their existence!!

What a shame.

The fear that grips the heart of the would-be mother,

Knowing with each breath, they are passing away,

Her dreams of motherhood with them.

The frustration of the headstrong teen,

Who is so focused on the ones coming next,

They don’t enjoy the ones upon which they rely NOW!

The dejection of the terminally diagnosed patient,

Who cant process fully how few they actually have left.

And the heartache for the ones who had theirs snatched away,

Leaving loved ones lost,

Communities shattered,

Trying to make sense of it all.

The moments, ever precious, continue to march on…

Take care to acknowledge as many of them as you can!

Honor them, treasure them and spend them wisely.

They are but brief wisps

These flashes of time.

Shante’ Gardere aka The Poetess

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