• To create a people’s magazine unlike any other and to provide a literary experience that pleases the mind as well as the soul. You will only find real men and women, with real challenges and triumphs in life here, along with a little sports, politics and relationship advice in the mix, and articles written by writers just like you.
  • We will feature individuals that readers can relate to while cheering them on. The articles written by everyday people so that our audience can understand and relate to the content. Stop and breathe a breath of fresh air, as you will be refreshed, renewed and reborn because REBIRTH IS RELIVING!!!!!!!!!!! ReBirth Magazine believes that minor setbacks create major comebacks! Mission & Vision

To create an open window when doors have been shut. We will feature men and women who have overcome tremendous obstacles in life and are contributing and influencing the rebirth of others.

This magazine will feature timely and non-biased articles and columns that will educate, empower and inspire readers to connect with their community.

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