Destination Cuba

 By Tundra Alfred

Cuba is a destination that most Americans have longed to visit. The country provides you with experiences of a lifetime, but to enter the country, you must have a valid passport, visa, return ticket and proof of travel health insurance.  According to the US Department of State, you must obtain a license from the Department of Treasury or your travel must fall into one of 12 categories of authorized travel. (U. S. Department of State, 2017)

According to the Government Publishing Office, Electronic Code of Federal Regulations these are the 12 “categories of authorized travel” are:

  • Family visits
  • Official business of the US government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations
  • Journalistic activity
  • Professional research and professional meetings
  • Educational activities
  • Religious activities
  • Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions
  • Support for the Cuban people
  • Humanitarian projects
  • Activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes
  • Exportation, importation, or transmission of information or informational materials
  • Certain authorized export transactions

Individuals who visit the country would fall into the category of supporting the Cuban people which entails having a comprehensive itinerary and validating your trip while in the country. A significant factor of “supporting the Cuban people” will be to immerse yourself in the culture. Visit places such as museums, cathedral, places with Afro-Centric music and dance but most importantly getting to know the people by residing in a Casa Particular (private house) and dining at Paladares (private restaurants run by Cubans).

At least on one occasion in life, Cuba should be one of your must-see places! Every inch of Cuba is a slice of paradise, wonderful architecture, amazing music and beaches that will leave you speechless.

Cuba is the most captivating of all the Caribbean Islands. Let this truly unique and enchanting country bring out the adventurer in you. Exude energy and passion of the Caribbean with golden or white sand beaches, the blue ocean that merges wonderfully with the régime of the locals.  

If you want to drift back in time and experience the heritage, culture, and beauty of a country that loves tourist, then Cuba should be on your bucket list. Here are four top places to visit in Cuba: Havana most popular, Vinales which is a small town with a vast culture, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad where you will gain lots of historical knowledge.

Before your visit to Cuba polish up on your Spanish, learn the difference in Cuban currencies and convert all monies at the airport in Cuba when you land and if you have money leftover before returning home convert it back to U.S. dollars while in Cuba. Book all your excursions and tours for Cuba before your vacation begins saving you time and money as the internet is not free.

One might also consider traveling to Cuba by cruising. Cruise lines to consider would be Pearl Seas Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Why wait; there are so many amazingly wonderful adventures awaiting you in Cuba, Contact CMK Travels or your travel agent to assist you in planning your Destination Cuba vacation.


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