V.L. Gordon

November 10, 2018, The Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was the domain of Royalty as local Cardiologist, Dr. Cordel Parris was crowned Queen of Hearts at the Queen of Hearts Jubilee Gala. Hosted by The Women’s Health Education Friends & Family Center (WHEEF), the Gala honored Dr. Parris and graced with the presence of Queen Diambi Kabatusulia of the Republic of the Congo.


Upon arrival, VIP Guests were ushered into a reception area where they were treated to a Caribbean Hors d’oeuvre spread and light cocktails. Later, guests were privy to the Baton Rouge Debut of The Queen Diambi Collection, a women’s clothing line created by Queen Diambi. This stunning line featured several prints and color pallets synonymous with several African regions. The designs ranged from traditional to modern. At the close of the fashion show, Queen Diambi expressed her gratitude to all that were in attendance and offered the challenge of not only supporting her line but lending support to the artisans and seamstresses of the African Continent.


Later, assembled in the Grand Ballroom were a host of family, friends, supporters as well as past and present patients of Dr. Parris. After a lavish dinner was served, the Crowning Ceremony commenced. Queen Diambi took the floor and gave a rousing speech that emphasized knowledge of not only the Republic of the Congo but of Africa as a whole. She highlighted the parallels in people’s understanding of varying cultures and boldly informed the room that Africa is indeed the mother of all humanity and that regardless of race, “We are all Africans!”

At the time of Dr. Parris’ crowning, Queen Diambi explained the significance of the Cowrie Shell crown that was placed on the Dr.’s head and lead all attendees in the reciting of the Pledge to Mother Africa. The ceremony concluded with Dr. Parris thanking those in attendance and pledging to continue her service to the Baton Rouge Community as well as expanding her reach abroad. The Gala concluded with several performances from local artists, a traditional New Orleans Secondline complete with Mardi Gras Indians, dancing and revelry. A celebration fit for two queens.

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