How to Dress Fashion Forward on a Budget

By Nadia Francois

From seasonal to impromptu going out on the town outfits, we are faced with making decisions on the most fashion friendly outfit for the day and age.  Winter coats, formal gowns, or just a good pair of every day denim jeans definitely come with a price tag and when you’re adulating and prioritizing most of these items will be rather far down the list. I will outline 5 ways to embrace the up to date fashion trends on a budget.  

  1. Shop the Sale Racks. Every store from high end boutiques to the lower end big-box stores have sale or clearance sections which help us save a ton of money. Take advantage of those deals even if the garment out of season it will definitely be of use the next time that season rolls around. I particularly use this tip when it comes to high ticket items such as winter coats, bags and boots. You can save up to 75 percent off the original price and have a nice selection of trendy and high quality items to begin the season with.

2. Mix and match.  Mix your lower end or discount store pieces with some high end or designer pieces.  Don’t feel that your entire outfit has to be designer or expensive. You can definitely wear a Target blouse or tee with some designer jeans and pumps or vice versa. So always shop around and make good purchases.

3. Buy Classics.  Purchase classic pieces that go along with any trend and not seem dated such as a form fitting black dress, a blazer with a traditional cut, a good pair of denim jeans,  a neutral pair of stilettos or heels that you can walk in, and a quality handbag that matches your personality. These items make up a fully functional closet in any season.

4. Don’t sleep on inspired collections.  Designer inspired collections are emerging in online boutiques, department, and discount clothing stores. From accessories to blouses and jackets designer fashion trends are inspiring quality low cost brands.  Add a few to your wardrobe and embrace current trends.

5. Shop Responsibly. Shopping responsibly includes staying within your budget.  If you can’t afford it then don’t purchase it. There are a few different ways to remain within your budget. Visit local outlet malls, thrift stores or consignment shops to maximize your money when shopping for trendy pieces.  

Dressing for success can come with a hefty price tag but it doesn’t have to. Recycling garments               and bargain shopping can keep you fashion forward and trendy on a budget.

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